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ChrisPC JTV Player

Enjoy watching latest movies, live sports, news and your favorite TV series on and Veetle HD channels for free.

  • Watch 500 Live channels & 250 HD channels from Veetle
  • Chat feature for channels
  • Easy to use & flexible interface
  • Sort channels by category and language
  • Favorites List
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Software Details

Enjoy watching latest movies, live sports, news and your favorite TV series on and Veetle HD channels for free.

Starting August 5th, 2014, has been closed. JTV Player software won't load or play any JTV content as it is not available anymore. More info on official website:

You want to keep in touch with your favorite live broadcasting of channels ? or watch movies, sports or TV series in HD from Veetle channels ?
ChrisPC JTV Player can make this happen without opening up each time your Internet browsers. Free, Fast and Reliable. Watch up to 500 Live channels and 250 Live HD Veetle channels.

Coming from Chris P.C. srl, the software provider for analog TV and streamed digital content solutions, this free tool allows you to choose easily the category of your choice and lists the top 200 channels ranked by website.

Get connected to entertainment content like movies, music, known TV channels, sports and more. Through its easy and intuitive interface ChrisPC JTV Player guarantees you a fast start and convenient way of watching and Veetle channels.

ChrisPC JTV Player is a freeware software for watching and Veetle channels that means is absolutely free, no charge for non-commercial use.
You just need to have an Internet connection, Flash installed on your computer and it should work in an instant.

High quality movie in HD from Veetle - ChrisPC JTV Player

This tool should become your daily way of keeping in touch with the life of the broadcasters. It has handy features like running in frame mode, i.e. just the player window, a list of channels easy to select from etc

Latest Movies, TV Series, Cartoons - ChrisPC JTV Player

ChrisPC JTV Player skinable interface is easy to use, gives you access to all important features and comes with a default set of professional skins.

Scary Movie - ChrisPC JTV Player

You can adjust the video window dimension to your favorite size and set predefined window sizes for the video window using hotkeys.

Top Gear in HD from Veetle - ChrisPC JTV Player

In order to have access all the time to the ChrisPC JTV Player window while using other applications, you can set the window to be Always On Top.


ChrisPC JTV Player has many key features like:

  • Watch online video content from and Veetle channels without opening any browsers.
  • Get instant access to online movies, sports, online gaming, music, entertainment, news, tv channel broadcasts from
  • Watch HD movies, sports, TV series, music from Veetle channels.
  • View snapshots of the most popular channels in any category with the Top Channels feature.
  • Add your favorite channels to the Favorite List and have easy access to your preferred channels.
  • If you like and know a channel from you can use the "Add new channel" feature.
  • Watch up to 500 Live channels and 250 HD channels from Veetle.
  • Search for live channels available on
  • Talk to people that are watching the same channel on, using the chat feature.
  • Filter channels by category and language.
  • Sort Veetle channels by category, popularity, most viewed, name, quality, newest.
  • Set the channel list loading mode, depending on the number of channels that will be loaded: slowest, slow, normal, fast, fastest.
  • Easy to use and flexible user interface.
  • Minimize ChrisPC JTV Player to systray and keep the application window always on top.
  • Multilanguage Interface: English, Romanian.
  • More features to come in the next versions: setting up the proxy server.

What are the System Requirements ?

  • 1000 MHz processor or higher, such as an Intel Pentium III or AMD Athlon
  • Memory : more than 128 MB RAM
  • HDD Space : 10 MB
  • Sound card.
  • Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Microsoft Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.
  • Internet Explorer 7 or higher.
  • Macromedia Flash Player 9 or higher plugin for Internet Explorer.
  • Veetle TV plugin for HD channels from Veetle.
  • DirectX 9 or higher.

If you encounter problems loading channels, please launch Internet Explorer with the folowing page: in order to install latest Flash Player for Internet Explorer.

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